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Publication of Cities' Coalition for Digital Rights Booklet

It is our great pleasure to present to you our Cities Coalition for Digital Rights booklet, which gives a great impression on what the coalition stands for and what we have done so far, like the five principles that we agreed on. Furthermore, you can also find various initiatives and projects on digital rights from some of the participating cities. 

What is even more important is that this booklet not only contains information on what the coalition is all about, but also presents some solutions to try out in your own city when you decide to take action on digital rights and also explains why it is important to take join in on this matter as a city. Please use this booklet for extra information on the coalition and on solutions in safeguarding digital rights, but also to share it broadly in your own network. This gives our coalition an opportunity to grow and for other cities to also join in on our mission to protect human rights on the Internet and in other digital platforms.  

PDF icon Cities Coalition for Digital Rights Booklet 2019 (English version) PDF icon Cities Coalition for Digital Rights Booklet 2019 (Dutch version)
Cities who would like to sign and learn more about the coalition, please review the checklist of digital rights actions and apply to formally indicate your interest in joining.
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