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Barcelona Ethical Digital Standards - a Policy Toolkit

Barcelona has been working for over 2 years on its Open Digitisation Plan and one of the important results are Barcelona’s Ethical Digital Standards, an open source Policy Toolkit for cities to develop digital policies that put citizens at the center and make Governments more open, transparent, and collaborative.

This is a decisive policy change that puts people first in the design of government services and reinforces their digital rights. The City reinforces its policy for technological sovereignty, for full control of its ICT services and infrastructures, and the ethical use of data to be more open and transparent, while returning data sovereignty to citizens.

In the context of this programme, Barcelona has released several digital services as reusable open source software, key among them is its flagship citizens' participation platform Decidim, which Barcelona has deployed to support direct consultation with its citizens. Another important project in this initiative is the Barcelona Open Data portal, enabling more transparency regarding city services, and showcasing open data based citizen projects within its "Reuser" area.

In the area of data protection, Barcelona has recently appointed its first Chief Data Officer, director of the Municipal Data Office, and has put privacy and compliance with the recent EU General Data Protection Regulation at the heart of its data management and digital service design, supervised by its Data Protection Officer. Barcelona is also a key participant in the Decode project, a collaborative initiative at European level to strengthen citizens data rights and put them back in control of their data as well as enable them to share this data for the common good.

Barcelona is committed to work for Technological Sovereignty and is releasing a Manifesto in favour of technological sovereignty for cities and citizens’ digital rights.

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