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Cities Coalition for Digital Rights Checklist

Below you will find examples of actions in the different areas we think are important in this initiative. It would be useful to indicate one action in each area.


Institutional measures

  • Institute or maintain a data protection office
  • Institute or maintain a (CTO) office with authority to institutionalize and enforce digital rights
  • Political council has a digital equity agenda

General Process

  • Attend and contribute at global digital rights events
  • Commit to uphold the Declaration of Cities Coalition for Digital Rights

Principle-based work

Universal and equal access to the internet, and digital literacy

  • Existing or planned commitment to universal broadband
  • Existing or planned programs to increase digital literacy
  • Public education campaigns to increase digital literacy and awareness

Privacy, data protection and security

  • Publish a data protection policy
  • Institute local legislation to protect data privacy and security
  • Develop tools for residents and visitors to protect privacy and security

Transparency, accountability, and non-discrimination of data, content and algorithms

  • Initiate a process to increase transparency and accountability around algorithmic decision-making
  • Create or maintain digital portal to share open data
  • Publish open data related to city services and technologies
  • Leverage local power to protect net neutrality

Participatory Democracy, diversity, and inclusion

  • Develop new digital participation tools to increase civic engagement and participatory democracy
  • Leverage existing technology platforms to increase resident participation in government processes
  • Document the demographics of local internet users (with commitment to make progress over time)
  • Ensure your digital platforms are accessible

Open and ethical digital service standards

  • Existing or planned technological sovereignty policy
  • Require the use of Open Standards in procurement, reducing the risk of vendor lock-in
  • Promote the use of Open Source technologies in your digital services
  • Develop open solutions that can be freely used by others
  • Implement Ethical Digital Standards over IoT devices

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