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Reykjavík, with its 136.000 inhabitants, is an urban society characterised by a healthy environment, equal opportunities, good services and a vibrant economy which practices responsible use of natural resources. 

The Green Deal is Reykjavík´s urban strategy that holds the city‘s vision to 2030, linking key city policies and strategies to coordinate public and private efforts, channeling energy, adapting to new circumstances and improving the living conditions of the citizens affected.

The Deal is composed of three key interconnected dimensions; economic, environmental and social, which manifests themselves in: a green city, growing city and a city for people. One of the five major components is digital transformation with emphasis on modern IT governance, information security, new technology, cloud services, automated service processes and data driven decision making. 

The decision making body of the city government when it comes to digital transformation, is the Council of human rights, innovation and democracy. A guiding light of the journey towards digitalisation in the digital transformation is therefore also the Human Rights Policy of Reykjavík City. 

Strategic actions, achievements and ongoing projects:

Universal and equal access 

Privacy, protection and security

Participatory democracy, diversity and inclusion

Open data


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