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Smart City PDX projects

Smart City PDX is prioritizing projects that reduce inequities for people who have been left behind in our city, specifically people of color and people with disabilities. Smart City PDX projects will:


The Digital Equity Action Plan (DEAP) outlines a series of operational and policy proposals for public and private agencies, along with nonprofits in Portland/Multnomah County to advance the cause of digital equity.

Another project in draft form, the City of Portland Privacy and Information Protection Principles, aim to provide data management guidelines for collecting, processing, publishing, sharing or protecting information in the Digital Age, prioritizing that from vulnerable communities.

The Smart City PDX Priorities Framework describes a roll-out of technology and data management that addresses inequities and disparities using data and investing in technology-driven projects that improve people’s lives.

The roll-out can be seen here:

The Digital Equity Action Plan (DEAP) harnesses the efforts of local partners (community-based organizations and nonprofits on the front lines of digital inclusion efforts, and local governments, businesses, schools, libraries, etc.) to focus services and resources on traditionally underserved and vulnerable residents.

Specifically, the DEAP provides a framework for local partners to collaborate on 17 strategic actions that target inequities in access to high-speed internet at home and in school, devices to use the internet, and relevant training to gain digital literacy skills.

More information:

The Privacy and Information Protection Principles are expected to be adopted in Spring 2019. Policies and administrative procedures will be developed in the coming two years. It will involve community based organizations and other stakeholders committed to digital equity and digital literacy.

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