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In London everything we do starts and ends with the citizen.

This can be summed up with a simple question: how can digital, technology and data empower Londoners from all walks of life to live healthy lives and live well alongside each other? The new Smarter London Together Roadmap, launched by Mayor Sadiq Khan in June 2018, champions a bold people-first approach to the way data and technology serve those who live, work and visit our great city.

London is already a recognised leader in mobilising open data for public benefit, with the London Datastore empowering London’s agencies and institutions to solve some of the most complex urban challenges faced by Londoners: like poor air quality, housing and inequality, and today nearly half of all Londoners regularly travel use apps made possible from live data made publicly available by Transport for London.

The Crowdfund London platform supports Londoners to act together to improve their neighbourhoods. The Mayor's Civic Innovation Challenges set open calls to the tech community to work with public agencies to develop and scale solutions to Londoner’s biggest issues. We are also committed to support the next generation of pioneers by enhancing the digital skills of young women and Londoners from diverse backgrounds through the Digital Talent Programme.

We are collaborating with European cities to sharing new energy saving and mobility ideas designed around citizens’ needs for more low-carbon, connected neighbourhoods and cities. With the growth of Internet of Things devices transparency is fundamental, which is why London is piloting a new Data Trust with the Open Data Institute so we can share live data from city spaces while safeguarding their privacy and security of Londoners. We are committed to working closer with other cities across the world to set a progressive, sensible and ethical approach to promote inclusion and the digital rights of our citizens.

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