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Online Training 'Ethics of AI', Helsinki

The University of Helsinki launches the online course ‘Ethics of AI’

Artificial intelligence has already become an important and inevitable part of our lives and for this reason, we need to understand the ethical use of it. To achieve this, the University of Helsinki created together with eight partners an online course called the Ethics of AI.

The course is for those who want to learn what the ethical use of AI means and what it requires from society and individuals. The course can also trigger thinking about AI from an ethical point of view as well as support the skill set of everyone eager to know more about protecting digital rights in the context of AI ethics.

More specifically, the course consists of seven sections, which include literature and assignments. The sections explore questions of ethics through practical cases, which have been provided by the project partners. ‘These questions include how our data is used, who is responsible for decisions made by computers and whether facial recognition systems are used in a way that acknowledges human rights. In a broader sense, it’s also about how we wish to utilise advancing technical solutions,’ mentioned Anna-Mari Rusanen, course coordinator.

The course Ethics of AI can be completed at everyone’s own pace and it is completely free. It can be accessed here.

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