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Spain presents its Charter of Digital Rights

Last Wednesday, July 14, the Government of Spain presented the final Charter of Digital Rights, in whose public consultation process the Barcelona City Council participated, as we announced months ago in this blogpost. The Charter does not have a normative character but proposes a reference framework for the action of all public authorities, which, being shared by all, allows navigating the digital environment taking advantage of and developing all its potentialities and opportunities, aiming to serve as a guide for future legislative projects and to develop fairer public policies.

The Charter is divided into six blocks:

The Charter has regulated rights such as the right of individuals not to be traced or profiled, access to the Internet or cybersecurity which are already covered by the Spanish Data Protection Act and other Spanish regulations.

Moreover, the Charter also includes the right to digital identity, to pseudonymity (but not anonymity...), the rights to artificial intelligence, the right to Internet neutrality, the rights in the workplace or the right to citizen participation by digital means, among others.

There is no doubt that this is good news for the protection of Digital Rights and from CC4DR, we hope that this Charter can also encourage their effective protection.

The full text of the Spanish Digital Charter of Rights can be found below.

PDF icon 140721-Carta_Derechos_Digitales_RedEs_compressed.pdf

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