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Libraries and Cites should join forces to uphold digital rights locally

The International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) recently published a briefing offering an overview of the CC4DR and highlighting the areas where IFLA’s work and the Coalition’s goals overlap. This briefing offers an opportunity to find possible collaboration areas as well as engagement and advocacy opportunities.

The briefing highlights the alignment between the CC4DR’s and libraries’ values. Libraries all over the world already work on advancing digital rights. Libraries are a fundamental tool for closing the digital divide thanks to the work they do providing access to the internet and bringing digital literacy to communities, one of the main goals of the Coalition.

IFLA also highlights the accessibility of cities as public administrations. Cities are the first contact point for citizens with public administrations, making them is easier entities to work with than regional or national governments. For organizations on the ground, working with cities seems like a natural step when trying to collaborate with public administrations, and many libraries already have strong ties with municipal authorities, providing them with an easy entry point.

To conclude, the briefing also lists the possible actions local libraries can undertake, such as learning from good practices compiled by the CC4DR from member’s initiatives and taking a look at how their particular organization can help advance digital rights. IFLA also encourages libraries to get in touch with their local city officials to see whether they would be interested in joining the Coalition, implementing its goals and working in collaboration to achieve them.

This autumn the CC4DR, IFLA and UCLG will host an event to explore oportunities for collaboration and connect libraries to digital rights practitioners in cities.

You can find the publication here.

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