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Join us at SCEWC 2022!

Every year, the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights hosts multiple events during Smart City Expo World Congress. If you are in Barcelona between the 15th and the 17th of November, make sure to join us!


11:30-12:15 - "The governance of human rights in the digital transformation of cities: a local and global challenge"

During this open event, CC4DR, UN-Habitat & partners will launch the "Mainstreaming human rights in the digital transformation of cities - A guide for local governments" and present a Digital Helpdesk to support cities in tackling their digital rights challenges.

Duration: 45’

Place: Agora Central (See map, Central Plaza)

Format: Panel

Audience: Open to all SCEWC visitors. Targeted outreach will be made with CC4DR & potential cities & partners.

15 November 2022, 12.20h – 13.40h - Ethical Urban AI: Public-Private Collaboration for Trustworthy Cities

During this session, the Global Observatory or Urban AI will present the documentary “Trustworthy Urban AI: Ethics in the AI Era”, which addresses the main challenges associated with the ethical governance of artificial intelligence in urban settings. After the screening, a panel of experts on Urban AI will adress the following topics: How can we move from the definition to operationalising AI ethics principles in urban contexts? How can governments work with the private sector and with civil society to ensure that AI solutions allow for auditability and traceability?


14:30 - 16:30 - Annual General Assembly of the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights (Only for CC4DR Cities & Partners)

Every year, the CC4DR holds its General Assembly to look back & forward and reflect on the upcoming year strategy.

Duration: 2h

Place: CC1 Room

Format: Assembly

Audience: CC4DR Member Cities & Partners



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