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New members introduction event

Introductory event
06/10/2021 - 16:00

Digital rights are an important issue as public services move online and citizens increasingly experience the impact of digitalization in their daily lives. Making sure all digitalization is carried out in an open, trustworthy and inclusive manner is no easy feat. Closing the digital divide and protecting citizen’s privacy while still obtaining valuable data to improve public services are some of the many challenges cities face in this area. We invite you to become part of a global network of cities that advances the application of human-centric digitalization, while enabling inclusive, fair and accountable use of data end technology. 

The CC4DR wants to showcase the work done within the coalition and bring new members on board. To that end, we are organizing an event on the 10th of June for cities to get to know the work of the coalition and the experiences of the cities involved. What does it mean to join as a member? Coalition member cities will explain the work of the CC4DR and the initiatives they have been a part of, showcasing how the coalition has helped them make progress in digital rights.

Draft agenda, 10th of June - 16:00 – 17:00 CET.

* Experience by Toronto, Applied Digital Rights Initiative 

* Experience by Milan, Citizens Voices initiative 

* Magazine with best-practices

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Cities who would like to sign and learn more about the coalition, please review the checklist of digital rights actions and apply to formally indicate your interest in joining.
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