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CC4DR Webinar – Citizen Voices for Digital Rights, by Democratic Society

10/28/2021 - 16:00

Every last Thursday of the month, the CC4DR hosts a webinar.
Topics within the field of Digital Rights are discussed as city-members present their ongoing work.

28th October 2021 – 16:00-17:30 CET – Citizen Voices for Digital Rights

The digitalisation of our cities raises critical questions about the quality of life and the democracy that we want our cities to ensure. This webinar will address the question of the role of citizens to enhance digital rights, and outline some new approaches that could be used to ensure that citizens voice is at the heart of cities’ digitalisation strategies.

Democratic Society ( is a Europe wide organisation that aims at promoting democratic practice and principles in governments and beyond. They have more than 10 years’ experience with deliberative and participatory democracy processes, running citizens assemblies and mini-publics in different countries and at different levels of governments.

In this webinar they will present the learning and the methodology developed from a programme of work called: ‘Citizen Voices for Digital Rights’ . Funded by the City Coalition for Digital Rights the programme engaged the cities of Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Milan and Tirana. It sought to develop a practical approach to improve the active participation of citizens in data collection, data governance and knowledge creation, and to co-design pathways for citizens to advocate for their own, and their communities', digital rights.

The session will be interactive, and cities will have an opportunity to share their challenges and innovative approaches in the field of citizens engagement and public participation.

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CC4DR Webinar – Citizen Voices for Digital Rights, by Democratic Society
CC4DR Webinar – Citizen Voices for Digital Rights, by Democratic Society
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