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A Coruña account with a ecosystem technological dynamic , involving so many companies as the university and civil society organizations. We want put on in value his work and bet on the public sector as a sector of innovation capable of leading both how to accompany the initiatives technological ones that can improve the services and people's lives.

In the last 4 years , the City Council of A Coruña promoted one innovation strategy technological centered in six large ones axes : efficiency administrative , participation and creation digital , free software, transparency in data open , support al Local ecosystem and inclusion and access .

This strategy , to which we want to give Continuity , it was an impulse decisive al development of participation tools citizen and digital , the development of the possibilities and services of the Card Millenium ( Payment of transport app public Millennium Next ), the celebration of events important linked to technology and free software at city (Mobile Week, Coruña Hacks, OSHW Day of Technology open , conference International of QGIS Users , etc.) and one bet clear for support al local ecosystem In this mandate now the City Hall ends went on to form part   from the foundation of the Research Center Foundation in Information Technologies and Communications of Galicia, meeting point in ICT subject between the University of A Coruña and the fabric business of ours environment.

We are h aware that technology oxe alone is not enough. technology in yeah it is not transformational attributes need to impact about territories and communities . That's why we do not want to make one bet by ban technology nor leave us take in fashions , but incorporate the technology and the data how strategy to solve the problems real of the inhabitants of the city . Innovation and research The technologies are essential for the development of news applications that can give us life, contact with others and transparency of government Public. For the sustainability of the infrastructures Technological is indispensable also that you are They respond to the interests of the common good and contribute to the objectives of improving the quality of life , using standards open , processes auditable and methodologies transparent and accessible .


A Coruña will be the city that promotes innovation from a sustainable , responsible and ethical point of view , with some investments technological efficient , transparent , with capacity for adaptation years changes and respectful with the privacy and the rights digital. We want promote innovation responsible supporting so specific those developments that they have in your account social impact   and on the collectives more Vulnerable , contributing to the expansion of rights and a greater one equity and social justice . We want to work also so that the data that the administration has they revert on the socio- economic and civic fabric to work jointly to solve the challenges of the city in mobility , employment , sustainability and equity and to devise new services that contribute to improving the transparency and quality of life of locals and Coruña.

In this second mandate we will give steps in the following addresses :

  1. Bringing the public administration, promoting government open and transparency
  2. Boost from the City Hall the solutions Innovative , collaborating with the local ecosystem and leading initiatives to advance technology.
  3. Support al ecosystem local business through a dialogue and cooperation stable and development and opening of one Data Policy open , encouraging solutions Innovative they put value in the data and al the service of people.
  4. To lead na yours betting on rights digital , one technology responsible with equity and social inclusion .
  5.  Develop actions Specific progress na sovereignty technology. Among them , (a) the use of free software and in code open, (b) the Adqusiciones free hardware, (c) the use of work methodologies and organizational self (d) the development of projects that promote the social economy.
  6. Convert A Coruña in a place of reference innovation technological collaborative, responsible and oriented problem solving social and improvement of the quality of life of the citizens and citizens.


With this objective, we have Designed a series of measures based on three great lines of action: innovation responsible, digital rights and sovereignty technology.

Responsible innovation:




Digital rights:




Technological sovereignty:


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