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Universal and equal access to the internet, and digital literacy

The City is committed to providing residents with access to technology and broadband. Our libraries with support from the Chicago Public Library Foundation, the City’s Department of Innovation and Technology, and many others provide several critical services to promote access to the internet and digital literacy.

Privacy, data protection and security

The City considers privacy as it approaches the design of new programs. When the City launched its municipal ID program, CityKey, the City Clerk conducted a listening tour across the City to build a program that served the needs of our residents. You can listen to team members discuss how they approached this project at their ChiHackNight presentation:

Transparency, accountability, and non -discrimination of data, content and algorithms

Chicago has automated processes in place to publish data openly to its Portal at

Participatory Democracy, diversity and inclusion

We work with residents to build new programs and technologies, like the CityKey, the Array of Things, and the new 311 system

Open and ethical digital service standards

The City provides open resources through its Developers Portal at We also openly publish our standards, which are generally updated annual at, with an emphasis using more open source technologies.

Cities who would like to sign and learn more about the coalition, please review the checklist of digital rights actions and apply to formally indicate your interest in joining.
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