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Using open standards and open source software to modernise local government services.

This initiative consists on making a series of steps in a large deployment of open source technologies in the our IT infrastructure. The Municipality of Tirana is using Nextcloud, an open source self-hosted cloud solution (our data is under our control), and LibreOffice, the free and open source platform for document editing - our digital documents are created and saved in an open standard. We believe that we can build the infrastructure that we want, with limited resources (reduced costs) and customize it to our needs. We have had close collaboration with the respective communities of the open source software solutions that we have implemented as well as with the Albanian local community which promotes the use of FLOSS. We also have our Open Data portal which is part of our efforts to increase transparency and citizens participation.

Future work
We are making steps forward towards Open Government and E-Participation:

Interesting Quote
By using open standards and open source we can build and extend our digital services in the right way. They are accessible to our citizens, they are interoperable, and they keep our systems and data accessible even in the future - Ermir Puka

Despite the resistance to change and other big challenges, using free and open source software and platforms like LibreOffice – supporting open standards – is in the best interest of the citizens and more governments should follow this approach

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"I request my city council to join the cities coalition for digital rights and protect and uphold our human rights in my city. The same human rights that people have offline must also be protected online."

Cities who would like to sign and learn more about the coalition, please review the checklist of digital rights actions and fill out this form to formally indicate your interest in joining. For more information, contact us at:

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