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CC4DR Webinar: London’s Emerging Technology Charter

05/27/2021 - 15:30

Every last Thursday of the month, the CC4DR hosts a webinar.
Topics within the field of Digital Rights are discussed as city-members present their ongoing work.

With the Emerging Technology Charter, London wants to bring more confidence to the emerging technology market for buyers and makers and the public by awareness of expectations from the outset. The Charter is not a checklist, nor part of the procurement process, but a guide to inform conversations between makers of new technology, buyers of new technology, and the possible users of new technology - Londoners themselves. This Charter sets out the expectations of the makers and buyers of new technology. It provides the principles for implementing technology in London in a way that will maximize the benefits to the city and Londoners. The charter also explains what innovators need to do to ensure new technologies trialed in the city meet these principles. It is intended as a resource for Londoners more generally, making clear what they can and should expect of new technology.

‘Together with other leading digital cities in Europe and North America, represented in the CC4DR, we strongly believe that human rights principles should be incorporated by design into digital platforms which serve our city.’ – Found out which principles are at the core of London’s ETC and how these are being implemented together with the city.

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Every last Thursday of the month, the CC4DR hosts a webinar
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