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Stockholm is rapidly changing as a result of urbanization, globalization and increased life expectancy

The progress of digitalization and new technologies, within areas such as the Internet of Things, big data and analysis, leads to new possibilities. At the same time, Stockholm is rapidly changing as a result of urbanization, globalization and increased life expectancy. Therefore, a strategy for Stockholm as a smart and connected city has been developed in collaboration with the City of Stockholm’s employees, residents, businesses and academia and was adopted in 2017.

The core of the strategy’s target vision shows the goal of the strategy and the City’s digitalization efforts – to provide the highest quality of life for the Stockholm inhabitants and the best entrepreneurial climate. These objectives are achieved by Stockholm, through innovative solutions, transparency and connectivity, as well as by becoming more economically, ecologically, democratically and socially sustainable.

Institutional measures

Principle-based work

Universal and equal access to the internet, and digital literacy

Privacy, data protection and security

Transparency, accountability, and non-discrimination of data, content and algorithms

Participatory Democracy, diversity, and inclusion

Open and ethical digital service standards


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