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Moscow's commitment to digital rights

Institutional measures


General Process


Principle-based work

Universal and equal access to the internet, and digital literacy


Public Wi-Fi Network – free Wi-Fi access across the city’s streets, parks and other public and pedestrian areas.

Moscow Longevity is a project that offers free activities for elder citizens.

Smart City School is an educational project organized by DIT, which is a series of lectures on how technologies change life in the Smart City.

Development of a platform for enhancing the competences of Moscow residents. Automation of production and services, the further growth of competition in the labor market will increase the requirements for professional knowledge and competencies of employees. The profile of competencies required by the city’s economy will be developed and presented on a continuous vocational training platform, where new educational technologies will be introduced and vocational guidance and self-assessment services will be provided. The platform will also contribute to the popularization of natural science and technical disciplines.


Privacy, data protection and security


Transparency, accountability, and non-discrimination of data, content and algorithms





An open data portal ( was launched in January 2013. At present, more than 745 thematic datasets have been published on the portal, disclosing information on over 315 000 objects of urban infrastructure.


Datasets related to public services:



Participatory Democracy, diversity, and inclusion


Active Citizen is an online referendum system, accessed through a website and corresponding mobile application that allows citizens to vote on city development matters.


The crowdsourcing platform of the Government of Moscow Crowd.Mos is a technology that gathers interested people in one place and gives them the opportunity to offer their ideas on a given topic by the Moscow Government, comment and discuss them, refine and select the best.




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Open and ethical digital service standards



Unified procurement information system – 100% of Moscow’s public-sector procurement activities are being conducted electronically. By managing procurement transactions (e.g. bids, requests for proposal, invoices, payments) on electronic platforms, the efficiency of government operations has been improved significantly, which allows for a wider base of suppliers to access potential government business.



A pilot project is being implemented for reviewing the efficacy of the current test protocol for lung and breast cancers. This pilot project uses an artificial intelligence (AI) programme to review MRI and CAT scans for cancer precursor cells. The AI programme is even capable of identifying the one pixel on a read-out that is a precursor to cancer. The pilot has so far helped 225 people in identifying the precursor to cancer at an early stage, something the existing process had not been able to do. All developments are downloaded on GitHub.



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